Do You Need a Coravin?

Essentially, the Coravin (Wine Preservation Opener) allows you to taste wine (or have two glasses) without pulling the cork. After initial use, you have around 7-10 days to drink the rest of the bottle and can expect the wine to taste practically the same as it did on that first day.
No, not everyone needs or will use the Coravin, and the new models are around $350, so not cheap. Mine, however, can be found on the kitchen table when it's not in my purse. Also, I've saved several precious wine dollars since owning the tool. Take this 5 question quiz to decide if the Coravin is right for you too. 

1.) Assuming you drink wine most nights, about how much do you drink in one evening? 

2 glasses? Consider a Coravin. 4 glasses? Maybe not. If you're a wine lover and your husband's a whiskey lover... consider a Coravin. If you and your spouse or roommate can easily finish a bottle with dinner in one evening, still consider a Coravin because it sounds like you two could be serious wine lovers.

2.) What does your cellar look like? Anything good?

I'm sure all of your wine is fantastic, but how much of it is age-worthy? Let's say you have a case of 1990 First Growth Bordeaux, and your sources are telling you it's time to drink, but time for whom? Everyone's palates are completely different, and what I consider perfectly aged, you might consider dirty. Perhaps your taste is a bit more fruit-forward. Use your Coravin on one bottle to determine what to do with the rest of a case. Then, spend the next 10 days showing your friends how the wine is aging by pouring them all a 2 oz. tastes. Hey, this stuff's expensive!

3.) Do you work in wine? 

Restaurants all over the world have found that the only way to put that $100 bottle on their BTG (By the Glass) list is to use a Coravin. I don't know about you, but when I see a $30 or $50 glass, I feel a little fancy.. It also makes me think that the restaurant or bar cares about wine education and the well-being of their staff. Ok, maybe that's a little presumptuous, but it definitely adds to the cool factor. 
In a wine store, you can easily up-sell by offering your client a 2 oz pour of something great. Again, my feels are strong for a shop offering "tastes" of a $75 bottle, or anything over $20 that is.
Distributor? A Coravin is an absolute must. I don't even need to explain this one, but imagine what it can do for reps with a strict sample budget. Also, show your client you care by showing them the good stuff whenever you can. They don't need to know you've poured it for a dozen others that week.

4.) How often do you entertain?

By far the best way to check out what the wine you're considering pouring for your guests tastes like. Is it going to work with that lamb chop? Is this good enough for my uncle? Is this bottle in good condition for Saturday night, ie. not corked or too young?

5.) Is it worth it?

Decide this for yourself by considering the price of the bottles you're opening by corkscrew. Also, calculate the amount of wine that ends up going down the drain.

Some of the older Coravin Models are closer to $200. You can also finance one for $18/month! Check out all the options and have the rest of your questions answered here: CORAVIN