Just Tasted! Top 5 From Italy

As mentioned yesterday, the post-holiday months of January and February are a wine professional’s ideal time to taste. From massive Italian tastings to boutique wineries revealing their latest vintage, I must say that the past few weeks have been chockfull of slurping, spitting and note-taking. Yesterday I highlighted my top 5 French Picks, today are the best tasted from Italy and tomorrow, America. We tried to obtain as much as possible from these phenomenal estates, but quantities are still quite low. I recommend acting now, as it seems the critics are in agreement with these show-stoppers as well. Behold, the best of Italy! 

2010 Bibi Graetz - Testamatta - $110

2008 Bruno Giacosa - Barolo Riserva
Le Rocche del Falletto (Red Label) - $299

2012 Tua Rita - Syrah - $190

2010 Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio
Barolo Monprivato - $160

2001 San Guido Sassicaia - $255